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Filed under: mental health — Holly at 8:57 pm on Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello world!

I would like to share a bit about a very special experience I was privileged to have last night.

I was invited to attend a celebration event for the publication of Firewalkers, Madness, Beauty & Mystery.

Please visit their site: to learn more about this Firewalker project.

What are your views about mental health diagnoses?

Have you known friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances who have been diagnosed (that you are aware of)?

Would you be likely to make intentional changes in your relationships with diagnosed co-workers or acquaintances?
What motivates your response to this question?

If you were in a gathering, and became aware that one of the members of the gathering was acting in a manner that bespoke mental instability, what actions would you consider taking? Why? (What in your upbringing, your prior experiences, your media-fed knowledge bank, whatever feeds that likely choice of action)?

Why is there such a stigma surrounding the diagnosis of a mental health issue? Why is recovery considered impossible (to some, many? people)? What does it take to change these probable misconceptions?

These questions, and many more, were raised in my mind last night.

Several women and men shared bits of their stories, their “non-linear” walks through the fire to better places, their hopes (and what keeps them able to cling to those hopes).

The evening was powerful.

This is a book I hope to see in doctors’ offices upon future visits, in hospital waiting rooms, in women resource centers, as well as on the bookshelves and coffee tables in homes and other places I visit.

It is a book I will read, ponder, share, learn from.

A very special evening, a very special experience…

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