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Summer blossoms (Celebrate!)

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Hello everyone!

Well, hopefully you’ll be reading more blogposts here, more regularly, from today onward!

Please forgive a little boasting: I did it! I successfully completed my master’s in Adult Education and Training! Done!

It has been so nice to have a few more hours each week to try and catch up on other things, to “take time to smell the flowers,” visit with friends, clean the house, complete some to-do list items, and so on!

Posting on my blogblossoms blog is another item on my ongoing to-do list.

Flowers brighten my world and get me through difficult days. I’d like to share some photos with you:

portulaca and hummingbird feeder (window view)
summer snippets

portulaca close-up

Mom saw a photo and copied the idea of stacking terra cotta pots of different sizes and planting them with portulaca — they’ve been so beautiful on mom and dad’s deck this summer. And the window hummingbird feeder has been delightful to watch (suction cup attachment to window pane).

Just this past week, many leaves have turned orange, red, yellow — summer is fading… glorious autumn will soon be here!

Here’s hoping that you’ll find time, make the time, to enjoy at least a few special moments admiring nature, sharing smiles with friends and/or family, feeding your spirit…

More photos here


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